5 ideas to kick off family game night

From the food to the games, we've got you covered when it comes to family fun

HOUSTON – Remember family game night? While cards and chess are still popular pastimes, there’s a new batch of games the whole family will love. The trick is to make things easy and fun for everyone.

Donna Bozzo, author and lifestyle expert, shares her top picks to make game night a family favorite.

1. Games that benefit the little ones

Acorn Soup is a recipe-based counting game for ages 2 and up.


The round box doubles as a bowl and contains wooded ingredients and a wooden spoon for pretend mixing and stirring. This game helps a child develop fine motor skills and teaches them how to count, pretend play, sort and follow directions. Acorn Soup is available on Amazon for $19.08.

Monkey Around is known as the wiggle and giggle game for ages 2 and up.


Players draw a card and do whatever the cards says to do with the banana. This ranges from hugs to high fives to hopping and marching with the banana in hand. This game supports social skill development, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and vocabulary. Monkey Around is available on Amazon for $19.99.

2. A family that laughs together, stays together!

This game combines funny family photos with memorable movie lines.


Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits contains 500 of the website’s best pics paired with 330 movie quotes. Players can have fun creating their own funny moments! This game is for ages 13 and up. You can find this version of the game at Target for $24.99.

3. You’re never too old for game night

“The Chameleon” is a new, modern twist on the classic “who done it” themed-game.


The premise of the game is that everyone knows a secret word except the Chameleon. Players will try to single out the imposter before they escape. This game is great for ages 14 and up. It is available at Target for $19.89.

4. Think outside of the traditional board game

A puzzle is a great idea for a roving family game.


You can start the Spirit of Autumn and keep adding on to it when you have time. These 385 piece jigsaw puzzle is like a work of art when it is completed. The pieces are wooden, so they’re sturdy and uniquely shaped. This specific puzzle is from Nautilus Puzzles and costs $99.95.

5. Don’t forget about the food

Keep the menu simple with a meal kit from the grocery store or order one online.


The ingredients to make tasty dishes, like flatbread pizza or lamb sliders, are included in the box. Basically, all the shopping and measuring has been done for you! These meals are examples of what you can get with a meal kit like Home Chef.

Donna Bozzo is a lifestyle expert and author of two books, "What The Fun?!" and "Fidget Busters."

*Prices and availability of the games mentioned above are subject to change.