Where to treat neck and back pain in the Houston area

Houston Physicians' Hospital offers options at the Spine Solutions Center

HOUSTON – Neck and back pain can be life-altering, but you don't have to live in pain. The right care can certainly make a difference.

Dr. Thomas Jones II, orthopedic spine physician at Houston Physicians' Hospital and his patient Robert Nicholson, stopped by the Houston Life studio to discuss minimally invasive procedures and treatment options you can consider at the Spine Solutions Center.

"Everyone has some sort of degree of back pain in their lifetime, but usually it's very self-limiting, but there are certain situations where that pain will continue or be very persistent and it will bring you down.  At the Houston Physicians' Hospital, we have a center called The Spine Solution Center which is dedicated solely to neck and back care. Although we're located in Webster area, we have 15 physical therapy locations throughout the city," said Jones, one of the physicians who thoroughly assesses patients' needs to ensure they receive the proper treatment.

"Most people come into the office don't want any surgery, I get it. I don't want surgery, so that's why we work with a team of specialists including pain management doctors, physical therapist, and we're really able to guide the patient to the right or most appropriate step. In all circumstances, we always attempt to use conservative care first. That's usually some sort of physical therapy, medication or injection. And usually if those things don't get a patient right, then we'll keep going up the ladder that's where you'll find someone like myself," Jones said.

The highly trained clinical staff at Spine Solutions Center understands the urgency to attend these conditions.

"We have a dedicated patient navigator. If you call without any referral, we can get you into a medical professional within 48 hours," said Jones, who emphasized the hospital's focus on patient care.

"Pain can be very debilitating, and it can really affect your quality of life, affect your ability to function with your kids, to go to work and have a productive lifestyle," said Jones.

The Spine Solutions Center is located at 333 N. Texas Ave. Webster, Texas.

To learn more about the Spine Solutions Center, call 281-645-5611 or visit HoustonPhysiciansHospital.com.

To see the complete interview, watch the video above.

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