What you need to know about Jailbreak Beach Escape on Port Aransas

"There's nothing cooler than a beach obstacle race"

HOUSTON – Whether you love to compete, or you just enjoy a fun run, you need to have Jailbreak Beach Escape on your radar.

It's a 5K covering 20 challenging obstacles on the wide, sandy beaches of Port Aransas .

Jeffrey Hentz, CEO Port Aransas Tourism Bureau, and Tim Scrivner, owner of Jailbreak, stopped by the Houston Life studio with more details about this event that's part of the Beachtoberfest celebrations happening this fall on the island.

"When we set up to create Beachtoberfest, we wanted to make sure we create enough cool events at the beach and there's nothing cooler than a beach obstacle race. And we went out and found the best," Hentz said about this new event where anyone  older than 14 can participate alone or in groups.


"It's different shapes, different sizes, different ages, and that's the same thing you're going to see down there. So, yes, you do have some extreme folks, the ones that are ‘I'm here to win, I'm going to kill it,' that are going to go full throttle; but what you really have (are) a lot of folks that (say),  ‘Hey, I want a challenge myself, I want to see if I got what it takes, Can I push myself just a bit more?'" Scrivner said about the obstacle course race where the point is to finish and winning for yourself.

"Even if you think ‘I'm not ready for this year,' you've got groups dressing up in outfits, especially with the jailbreak theme. You've got different variations of the prison uniforms and costumes. So, it makes for great watching, great community and team building," Scrivner said.


The event starts and finishes at Horace Caldwell Pier at Port Aransas Beach on Sept. 28.

Participants receive a medal, T-shirt and one beer (for participants 21 and older).

To register now to Jailbreak Beach Obstacle Course Race, visit the website runthejailbreak.com.

Sponsored by Port Aransas Tourism Bureau.