Katy moms share 9 hacks for busy parents

Tips and tricks to help make life easier for families

HOUSTON – It takes a village to raise a family, and moms helping other moms is the mission behind Katy Moms Network.

Natalie Thomas and Audrey Zeter are the group’s co-founders.

They shared some “mom hacks” on Houston Life to help parents transition into their back-to-school routines.

Breakfast on the go

For those busy mornings, when you just need to get the kids out of the house or when you’re going on a long road trip and won’t have time to stop and eat somewhere.


You can serve a pancake in a cup. If you can’t make them yourself, you can always get a pancake meal at a local drive-thru and ask for additional kids’ cups. Then you just cut the pancakes and divide them up in the cups, add butter and syrup and serve with a fork! Super easy way to enjoy pancakes on the go, without the mess!

Get creative with lunch

You don’t have to be a super crafty mom to have some fun with lunch.


Use a sandwich cutter to transform a traditional square sandwich into something cool for your student.

These cutters are available online and in stores.

Keep kids entertained

Create a busy box to occupy kids during long car rides or while dining out at restaurants.


Fill with cheap dollar bin finds and Crayola Color Wonder Magic Markers. These specialty markers only write on specific paper, so you don't have to worry about kids leaving their mark on tables, walls or furniture.

Dollar balloons

A simple idea to help kids burn off extra energy.


Blow up a balloon and then let them have fun playing with it.

Nothing complicated with this one!

Potty on the go

If you’re trying to potty train a toddler, this hack is for you!


Find a portable, travel potty that you can take with you and keep in the car.

It comes in handy for those times, your child needs to go, but there may not be a convenient spot for them to use the restroom, like at a fair or playground.

You can also find a foldable, collapsible option that works great while traveling too.

And, be prepared for accidents!

Create an “oops kit” to keep inside the car

The kit will hold items you might need in the event of a bathroom accident, like a change of clothes.


It's also a great way to re-use old wipe containers. Just clean them out, pack them up with a new diaper, plastic bag, change of clothes and a pair of socks!

This helps take the stress out of the situation for parents, because you already have a back-up outfit ready to go.

Get ahead in the daily battle of what to wear

Allow the kids to pick out outfits for the week and store in organizer or bins with labels for the days of the week.


It’s an easy way to get them involved in the process, without waiting for them to decide on what to wear the morning of.

Win for parents and win for kids!

Tired of losing socks in the wash?

If you’re already use a mesh bag to wash your delicates, why not use that same bag to wash kids’ socks!

This keeps the pairs together and makes them easier to identify when folding and putting away laundry.

Keep important information and keepsakes organized

Create a filing box for each kid, and include folders or dividers for categories, like art projects, school forms, etc.

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