Kingwood mom blogger shares essential items for back-to-school

Great for kids in elementary and Mother’s Day Out programs.

HOUSTON – Let’s face it, back-to school shopping can be exhausting and expensive.

And If you are trying to take advantage of tax-free weekend and you have not made your back-to-school checklist, we can help you get started with some basic mom-approved must-have items.

Nikkie Hancock, of Kingwood Moms, a resource website for the Humble, Kingwood and Atascocita area, stopped by Houston Life with her favorite essential items that make the grade for younger kids in the classroom, including elementary and Mother’s Day Out programs.


Picture by: Nikkie Hancock
Picture by: Nikkie Hancock

Pottery Barn Backpacks

With exterior pockets for carrying water bottles or snacks. It comes in small, large or mini size, if your child is doing a Mother’s Day Out program.

“Our favorites are the Pottery barn backpacks, they’re durable fabric, material, they have pockets for everything. We’ve had these for two and thre years now. Definitely an investment piece,” said Hancock, a mother of two kids.

JuJuBe backpack

It is machine washable and it comes in a variety of sizes and prints.

“If they get dirty just wipe it off, and the inside material is made to be mildew-resistant and bacteria-resistant as well. Also, this is machine washable,” said Hancock.


Picture by: Nikkie Hancock
Picture by: Nikkie Hancock

Bentgo kids lunch boxes

These plastic durable boxes come in different sizes and prints and are perfect for make-ahead meals.

“I love all the compartments that you can put whatever you want for your kids’ snacks,” said Hancock.

Planetbox lunch boxes

The prints on the front are magnets and can be removed and changed out. Wide assortment of magnet prints to choose from.

“This is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, just take out the magnets that are interchangeable. If you want to change out the design, you can do it, as well. The kids get to pick out their designs when you order the lunchbox,” said Hancock.


Picture by: Nikkie Hancock
Picture by: Nikkie Hancock

There’s a variety of labels for clothing, lunchboxes, water bottles and supplies.

“Label everything, shoes, cups, meal containers. I like Name Bubbles, Tiny Me are really good, Oliver Labels and Mabel’s labels,” said Hancock.


Picture by: Nikkie Hancock
Picture by: Nikkie Hancock

Great for durability during the school year. Look for HydroFlask or ThermoFlask.

“I like metal water bottles for a lot of different reasons. They’re easy for the little kids to open and close by themselves. Our summers last basically until January, so, the drinks will stay cold throughout the day. Just stick a label to it and send them to school,” said Hancock.


Picture by: Nikkie Hancock
Picture by: Nikkie Hancock

Say goodbye to Ziploc bags and pack your kid’s snacks in these reusable silicone bags.

“You can cook, store and freeze foods in these. If you have a meal in the freezer you can throw it in the microwave, and it will be warm,” said Hancock.


Picture by: Nikkie Hancock
Picture by: Nikkie Hancock

You can DIY them or get them on Amazon, Target or Etsy.

“They have water resistant material inside. I stick one in the kids’ backpacks for accidents. It keeps the wet inside and everything else around it dry,” said Hancock.

To see Hancock’s complete interview, watch the video above.