How you can fight sex trafficking in Houston by shopping smart

Houston's Elijah Rising makes and sells goods that benefit survivors

HOUSTON – The staff at Elijah Rising are both welcoming and helpful. 

They're eager to showcase their local goods, all of the candles and soaps they sell are made in house. 

Elijah Rising's storefront is near 11th and Studewood St in the Heights.
Elijah Rising's storefront is near 11th and Studewood St in the Heights.

"These candles are hand poured, they're soy wax, they're clean burning and people really love them. We have really unique fragrances." said Sam Hernandez, the mobilization director for Elijah Rising. 

The candles are made in the design lab fragrance kitchen, and scents include cactus flower, prickly pear, and lavender. 


Every candle is poured by hand. The candles, Sam says, are an ode to Texas...more specifically Texas women. 

"Texas women are really resilient. We're strong, we can survive in almost any situation, and we're also beautiful and fragrant." 

Strong and resilient women are what Elijah Rising is fighting for. 

100% of their proceeds go to empowering survivors who are transitioning out of commercial sex trafficking, an issue Houston is all too familiar with. 

"Houston has a huge issue. We have a lot of illegal massage parlor businesses. We have a lot of strip clubs that are also having sex trafficking and prostitution in them. It's a big problem" said Hernandez. "We've been able to reach anywhere from 800 to 2,000 women a year with resources to get out of sex trafficking."

Survivors need a way to make an income when they return back to trying to rebuild their lives.

Elijah Rising provides job skills, a resume history and an opportunity for women to reconnect and rejoining the work force. 

Besides the store front, every month they host interventions throughout the city and surrounding counties. They also offer van tours for people to see high probability trafficking areas. 

For more information you can visit their website here