Mixing up cocktails with Houston's own tequila brand

Learn how to make a Mexican Mule and Skinny Margarita with Titanium Tequila

HOUSTON – Drink local with Houston's own Titanium Tequila.

This company prides itself on being one of the finest lines of tequila on the market.

Their tequilas are made with 100-percent tequilana blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jaslisco, Mexico.

"As champagne is from France, tequila can only be done in one region of Mexico. That's right outside the city of Guadalajara," said Robert Tijerina, president and owner of Titanium Tequila.

They also slow roast their tequilas to create a smoother flavor profile.

The brand features four different types of tequila: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Ultra Aged. 

Titanium Tequila is available at Spec's, Total Wine, Goody Goodies and many other liquor stores and restaurants around the state.

See below for Titanium Tequila's signature drink recipes.

Titanium Mexican Mule

2 oz Titanium Tequila 
1 lime wedge
1 teaspoon of agave syrup or honey
Ginger beer

Fill a rocks glass or copper mug with ice. Then add Titanium tequila, agave syrup, squeeze a lime wedge and then fill with ginger beer.

Titanium Skinny Margarita

2oz Titanium Tequila
1.5 oz Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
1oz Agave Nectar
1oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Mix lime juice with agave nectar then add Titanium tequila and orange juice. Shake ingredients to blend pour in rocks or margarita glass over ice. Garnish with lime wedge. Optional: Top with a splash of soda

To learn more about Titanium Tequila, visit www.titaniumtequila.com.

This article is sponsored by Titanium Tequila.