Meet the twin sisters behind Downtown Houston's Tru Essence Spa

From CoolSculpting to Botox happy hours, they got you covered

HOUSTON – Two twin sisters found a way to use their medical backgrounds to enhance beauty and aesthetics in a luxury spa in Downtown Houston.

Lashondria Simpson-Camp and Shalondria Simpson are the owners of Tru Essence Spa, a one stop place to handle your beauty needs and assist you with weight loss treatments.

“We also do cosmetic and medical services, so we do our facials, but we also treat skin conditions. We also treat medical conditions, so anything that you are suffering with we can treat here,” said Simpson-Camp, a board-certified general surgeon who is also a certified breast surgical oncologist.

“I no longer do surgeries. I only do this full time, and this is my passion. I love it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Simpson specializes in compounding pharmaceuticals and operates the spa with her twin sister.

“It’s so fun and challenging at the same time. I mean, we are twins, so we know each other pretty well, but when it comes to business, you get to see a different side,” said Simpson.

Tru Essence Spa offers quick, noninvasive services such as BodyTite, to help with loose skin around the abdomen or under the arms, and CoolSculpting.

”CoolScultping, as you may know, it freezes fat cells, but I don’t have to go under the skin to liposuction those fat cells out. It’s an applicator that set on top of the skin. It freezes the cells in 35 to 45 minutes and you are out the door. CoolSculpting can be used at any part of the body. The abdomen is probably the most common. We also can treat under the chin, or the submental area, and a lot of us have problems losing that fat under there, despite exercise and diet, so it works very well under there,” said Simpson-Camp.

One of their most popular services is Botox injections for both males and females looking to get rid of wrinkles.

“In about three to five days you’ll see a significant reduction in these wrinkles and that will last about three to five months,” said Simpson-Camp.

And True Essence Spa knows how to kick-start the weekend.

“We have Botox happy hours, so that’s every Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. Come in and get Botox at a discounted price. This is the true Botox, It is not the Dysport, the synthetic Botox. We offer true Botox for $9 a unit,” said Simpson, who also mentioned that the spa provides facial membership and in-house financing.

Call to book a free consultation and Dr. Simpson-Camp can assess what may the best treatment for you.

Tru Essence Spa has a special offer. First-time customers can get 25% off  any treatment, now through August 31.

To get in on this special offer, or to schedule a free consultation, call 713-485-5200 or visit the website TruEssenceSpa.com.

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