How to get rid of pesky mosquitoes in Houston

A mosquito larvicide station can help eliminate breeding sites on your property

HOUSTON – Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your backyard, but sometimes it gets complicated with so mosquitoes around the house, which are not only irritating, but can also carry viruses.

For those seeking for a way to reduce pesky mosquitoes from their property, Raleigh Jenkins, president of ABC Home & Commercial Services, stopped by the Houston Life studio to show a system that promises to protect people from egg-laying mosquitoes called a mosquito larvicide station.


“For long-term, this technology takes us to a whole new level, this station that we put around the outside, we’re using as a breeding site, so we’re enlisting the mosquito to work for us with this. She will be coming in...lay her eggs in here and she will land on the water. She will pick up the material with her and she will land on a little cup or a faucet of water and she will lay eggs there, but she will also be taking the material from here into that area, too,” said Jenkins about the system designed to reduce mosquito populations by 95%.

This process controls mosquitoes by eliminating breeding sites in and around a home.


“What we just did was take that as a breeding site and there will be no eggs that will be develop blood-sucking mosquito in either site. It prevents the egg from ever going to egg to adult; It stops that life cycle,” Jenkins said.

If the problem in your house is bedbugs, they have a bedbug detecting dog to pinpoint your problem and focus on where they really are.


“He’ll search the house or wherever those bed bugs might be living, and we’ll find them and then we can eliminate them at those sites," he said.

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To see Jenkins’ complete interview, watch the video above.


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