4 products Houston Life host's Courtney Zavala and Derrick Shore are currently obsessed with

Handcrafted accessories, mouthwash and lip balm, July favorites

HOUSTON – Almost every day, Courtney and Derrick get asked about what they’re wearing or about some of the products they use. So, it's time once again to spill the beans. 

If you love their items as much as they do, we have put together discount codes you can take advantage of.
Derrick and Courtney are not paid or compensated by these companies in any way, these are simply products they enjoy. 




Derrick has a collection of handcrafts accessories from Miansai. From bracelets to cuffs and rings and more, find out why he's completely obsessed with this product. If you would like to order any times, they do offer free 2 day shipping on U.S. orders, $125 or more. Click here and you will automatically have the Houston Life discount applied for 20% off your order. This promo runs for 24 hours only and ends Wednesday, July 24. 



Uncle Harry's is a small family business in Redmond, Washington. 

At the age of 44, Harry encountered severe, painful gum infections. Unaware of the cause, he trusted the available dental procedures to reverse his periodontal problems. This sparked his interest to find the cause of failing gums and different oral care issues – and avoid these conditions altogether. His mentor often mentioned different natural remedies from Ayurveda, including a tooth powder formula. It combined natural essential oils with calcium carbonate and mustard seed powder and other herbal ingredients. After making a remarkable test batch that transformed his mouth, he knew he had to share this ancient wisdom with the world!" According to Uncleharry's.com

Derrick loves the product and the company has created a promo code for Houston Life viewers. Use the code "KPRC15" for 15% off your order, now - July 31.





Courtney loves to get a good workout in and having something in her system that keeps her going is extremely important. 

You lose more than just water when you sweat... one of the most important electrolytes lost is salt," - Courtney

LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix containing sodium, potassium and magnesium in the ideal ratio. If you would like to try out the product just click here, and make sure to e-mail your order number to hello@drinklmnt.com and mention "HOUSTONLIFE" to receive an additional box for free. 



Courtney's beauty routine is always a popular question and through "HL Obsessions" she's had the chance to share some of her favorite beauty products. Today, was no different.

Kopari products start with 100% pure, organic coconut oil sourced from small family farms in the Philippines.

Their items are useful if you have super dry skin. Whether you need help moisturizing your hands, heels or cuticles, Kopari has you covered. 

Get 10% off your next purchase of 2 or more lip products by using the promo code "LIP" at checkout.


Watch the full clip above, for more details.