The sporting sandals trend hits Houston

When fashion meets comfort

HOUSTON – When it comes to wearing comfortable shoes, you might have to feel like you have to sacrifice fashion for functionality...for now. 

From Birkenstocks to Teva water shoes, these athletic sandals have caught the eye of designers like Dior, Gucci and Fendi. 

Houston Life's Courtney Zavala visited Abejas Boutique with stylist Marzi Petris, who gave us a rundown on this fun and comfy trend. 

"So basically the trend is, it's the Teva, it's the Birkenstock, it's the water shoe...except you're not intended to do any of those activities while wearing them. You take the sporting out of it and you insert fashion." said Marzi. 



Watch the above video to see four different stylish looks with sporting sandals.