T-Mobile is bringing 5G technology to Houston


HOUSTON – You’ve probably heard about 5G technology recently in the news.

Experts say it will make wireless connections super-fast, and could potentially change our everyday lives.

Steve Carlson with T-Mobile breaks down what you need to know about 5G.

Q: What is 5G?

A: 5G is the latest generation of wireless technology that will be much faster than what we have right now. Just like 4G LTE unlocked mobile video and social media, 5G will unlock an entirely new class of applications, some of which we haven’t even imagined yet.

Q: What are some of the benefits of 5G?

A: 5G will enable faster wireless speeds, massive connectivity, long battery life and super-responsive and reliable wireless networks. 5G is about connecting just about everything to the Internet, and being able to see it on your phone from just about anywhere.

Q: When will T-Mobile’s 5G network launch in Houston?

A: We haven’t announced a timeframe for Houston, but we plan to launch 5G broadly when devices that can tap into our low-band 600 MHz spectrum are available later this year, and we’ll have nationwide 5G coverage in 2020.

Q:How will 5G be used in our everyday lives?

A: We do so many things on our phones today, like shopping, banking and watching TV, and with 5G we’ll be able to do so much more. Almost everything will be connected to the Internet and we’ll be able to see it on our phones. Imagine being able to track your kids, pets, your bike and even your luggage from anywhere, or download full length movies in seconds instead of minutes. It’s the same technology that will unlock things like mobile augmented and virtual reality, and make self-driving cars safer and more practical.

Q: Will I be able to pick up 5G with my current smartphone or tablet device?

A: Right now, T-Mobile customers are currently able to tap into 5G with the Galaxy S10 5G, and our 5G coverage is limited to small outdoor areas of six city centers. We’ll launch 5G broadly on our 600 MHz spectrum when compatible devices are available later this year, and we’ll have 5G nationwide in 2020.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, T-Mobile brought its 5G Future of Wireless Truck to Space Center Houston. Watch the YouTube clip below to see real-life demonstrations of 5G and wireless technology.

To learn more about 5G technology, visit your local T-Mobile store, log on to www.t-mobile.com or call 1-800-TMOBILE.

This article is sponsored by T-Mobile.