Houston stylists reveal techniques to fix common hair problems

HOUSTON – Ever had a bad haircut or hairstyle you wish you could change?

You don't have to wait weeks for your hair to grow out anymore.

The latest styling techniques can help you mask or change any undesired look with just one visit to the salon. 

Rachel Gower and Cecilia Kerr, from The Upper Hand salon, explain some of their top picks for hair transformations with models: Kathy, Kate and Eve.

Kathy was dealing with the aftermath of a bad cut and color job.

The stylists helped her by applying tape-in extensions and a gloss color treatment.


Extensions are huge trend right now, but you have to do your research when finding your extension specialist and brand of hair.

She can comb her hair, brush her hair as normal. You just can’t put oil or heat right at the bond, but everywhere else you can treat as your own hair,” Kerr said.

She says extensions don't cause damage. Improper installing, how much or how little you care for your extensions at home, and improper removal does. 

They also applied a gloss color treatment.

In professional terms, a gloss, glaze, toner or filler almost always refers to deposit-only color.

Stylists use deposit-only color for many things including but not limited to: cancelling or enhancing tones, filling the hair with a layer of tone needed to shine through another tone, refining or harmonizing tone after a permanent color. 

And to avoid a bad haircut or color, they recommend you are direct with your stylist and share any specific hair goals with them.

Don’t be afraid to bring in pictures to help them understand what look you are going for.


Kate has long hair and was dealing with a lot of frizz and flat color.

The stylists used a Brazilian Blowout to help smooth and strengthen her hair.


Brazilian Blowouts usually last about 8 weeks.

The brand claims to cut blow-dry time down and keep hair shiny for the duration it stays in the hair.

But this treatment does require proper at-home care to prolong the effects. 

It’s important especially this ionic bonding spray that you use once a week, it’s almost like doing a mini treatment at home,” Gower said.

The stylists also used the technique known as balayage to brighten her color.

That’s when a stylist will paint artistically directly on the hair without foil.

This style is trending now, because it’s low maintenance and creates an effortless/modern, classic look.


For the final transformation, Eve was dealing with flat and lifeless hair.

The stylists applied sew-in extensions to create a fuller look.


The cost of extensions can vary from install method, to client's density, texture, length goals, thickening goals, etc.

 It’s the fastest way to get length and volume and actually one of the more affordable ways to do it,” Gower said.

It’s important to remember extensions are a luxury service so at-home care is very important.

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