Amazing Animal Tale: Luna

When the Houston SPCA rescued a 5-year old Alaskan Husky, they were not surprised she was heartworm positive and immediately began the necessary medical care she would need for some time. 

Because the animal rescue organization provides adopters with heartworm medications for their pets, Luna was placed on the adoption floor. 

That’s where Stephanie spotted Luna, fell in love with her, and was eager to give her a new home despite the extra TLC she would need. 

That was just over a year ago, and we’re happy to share that Luna is free from her heartworm disease!

Stephanie says Luna has brought so much joy and unconditional love into their home.

They also said she loves to cuddle and be the center of attention, and they are very happy to oblige!

Choosing the adoption option will always give pets like Luna, even with heartworm disease, a well-deserved, long happy life.  

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This segment sponsored by the Houston SPCA.