Sugar Land mom shares 5 skincare savers to try this summer

Sara Ahmed with The Sugar Land Moms network reveals her go to beauty routine

HOUSTON – Some humidity can be a good thing to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated, but the Houston summer season can wreak havoc on your skin.

Humidity is basically the amount of water vapor that’s held in the air and when it’s high, it can throw your skin balance out of whack by increasing sweat production, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

Plus, the damp weather can make our skin more susceptible to hosting bacteria, but there are plenty of ways to avoid this!

Sara Ahmed from The Sugar Land Moms network shares her favorite summer skin savers and tried-and-true products for moms to use.


1. Double Cleansing

This is the absolute best way to remove pollutants, make up and dirt every day. Essentially double cleansing is the act of getting your face squeaky clean after a long day of exposure to our elements. I highly recommend using a muslin cloth first paired with a thick, moisturizing balm. I love using this Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser from Drunk Elephant (fun fact, the founder is a Houstonian mama with 4 kiddos)! I love this cleanser b/c it’s full of antioxidant-rich fruit extracts and oils that help soothe your skin while cleansing. You basically slater this generously onto dry skin and then wipe it all off with the muslin cloth. After this first cleanse, use a mild face soap to wash your face and let your soap do what it does best without having to tackle all the gunk from a long day first. This cleanser is $34 at Sephora.

Another great local line is Switch 2 Pure and their products are entirely organic. The glow bar is CBD-rich and is great for the face and body. It contains no parabens and is made from sunflower and coconut oils, rose hips powder & lemongrass. The glow bar contains a light citrusy smell. which feels so rejuvenating as you soap off the day’s fatigue. The travel size bar is $9 online.

2. Night Oils

I am obsessed with this fabulous night oil from Sunday Riley because it contains retinol. Retinol is the holy grail for fighting wrinkles and promoting skin elasticity and the German Chamomile helps soothe redness and irritants. My skin always wakes up singing when I can remember to use this regularly! Plus, for those of you still wary about using face oils, don’t be! It may seem counter-intuitive to having matte skin, but I promise you it’s not. Keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to prevent oily skin. When your skin isn’t moisture enough, it actually produces oil to help the deficit and that’s how you end up with slick skin. So embrace the face oil trend and drink more water if you’re struggling with this issue! Sunday Riley is a bit of a splurge at $105, but is one of my favorite products. You can find it at Sephora!


3. Jade Rollers

Staying with a night oil, I think using a jade roller to give yourself a mini face massage at the end of the night is super beneficial for your skin and super relaxing! If you store the roller in the fridge for a few minutes before using, it does wonders for depuffing your skin and really works well in the mornings too! The Revlon Jade Stone Facial Roller is only $12.99 at CVS.

Take one and stroke upwards, it’s going to really relieve a lot of the puffiness that we have and honestly if you pop this in the fridge for 5 minutes and then put it on. It is fabulous when you come home after a long day, Ahmed said.”

4. Clay Masks

Even if you don’t have oily skin, we can tend to get that shine around this time of the year when temperatures soar. I personally love using a clay mask a few times a week to help combat the shine and the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay is a great one to try. This mask allows for exfoliation of dead skin and uses three different types of clays to unclog and tighten pores and reduce surface issues like bumpiness and redness. You can find this clay mask at CVS for $13.49.

5. Sunscreen

And of course, how can we talk about summer skin without discussing SPF? I love Neutrogen’s Age Shield SPF 110 because it’s oil-free so you don’t end up using like a used frying pan an hour after wearing it. Along with shielding your skin from sun damage, SPF is your biggest ally when it comes to preventing signs of aging so be diligent about using one every single day. And be sure to use one that contains broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and definitely aim for an oil-free formula so you don’t end up with clogged pores. I found this face lotion sunscreen at CVS for $15.49.

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