Get a new A/C unit in 3 easy steps

HOUSTON – Shopping for a new air conditioning unit is easier than ever with the help of newACunit.com.

This company has put the entire process online, with easy-to-follow instructions and product information to help you narrow down the search for a new A/C.

NewACunit.com works with licensed, local contractors and name brand manufacturers.

You don’t have to worry about the process of selecting a good contractor, we do that for you just as much as anything else, so the whole process is done for you,” said Erik Bryan, owner of newACunit.com.

A/C units also come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Prior to installation, your licensed contractor will conduct a pre-site inspection to make sure everything you bought is just right for your home or make any necessary corrections.

For most customers, the entire process takes less than 12 minutes.

To get started, follow the instructions below.

Log on to newacunit.com and enter your ZIP code to see available offers in your area.



Use the product filters to help find the right A/C unit for your home by answering the following questions.

1. Do you need a split or package system?



2. Select your heat source: Electric/heat pump or gas furnace.



3. Choose what is the needed tonnage/size for your home.



View your results and select the unit you want to purchase and add to your cart.



Select a preferred installation date and contractor.



Finally, enter your billing information to make the purchase.



Within eight hours, a licensed contractor will contact you to start the process of installing your new unit.    

For more information, visit newACunit.com.

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This article is sponsored by newACunit.com.

*Actual prices may vary.