Should you give your pets CBD? A Houston veterinarian offers pros and cons

What pet owners should know before giving CBD to their furry friends

HOUSTON – “CBD is a promising new therapy for many conditions from anxiety, pain, illness, even seizures and cancer. But it’s under development and as we know, a quick cure could turn to have long term negative consequences,” said Dr Jennifer Hennessey, veterinarian with Animal ER of NW Houston, who suggests pet parents to talk to a veterinarian about questions and before using any CBD products on pets.


For animal guardians who want to know if CBD can be of use on their furry friends, Dr Hennessey listed the following pros and cons to help them decide.


  • It is believed to have healing benefits for pain relief
  • Calms anxiety when pets are nervous or over-excited            
  • Helps for appetite stimulation for un-motivated eaters who need to gain weight after an illness or surgery
  • It may not be a good if the pet is already on a medication        


  • Proper research still needs to be completed
  • No FDA regulations.
  • Products on shelves have not been found “officially” safe
  • Excess THC can be toxic to pets
  • Veterinarians cannot “prescribe” CBD to patients
  • Products are not labeled well enough for pets  

To see Dr Hennessey complete interview, watch the video above.