The Shakiba Report: 5 ways Houston small businesses can leverage social media to gain customers

Tackling small business month with social media advice

HOUSTON – Social media has changed the world around us, and for small businesses it has impacted the way consumers shop. Private wealth advisor with Ameriprise Financial, Trevor Shakiba, along with Executive Professor at C.T. Bauer College of Business at UH, explain.

Social media is winning. So, for those out there that think that social media is a fad, and it's going to go away, I think you got to reevaluate... It is critical," said Shakiba. 


  • Social media is winning
    • 88% of buyers do their research online before making a purchase
    • In the advertising world, more money is being spent on social platforms than traditional media
    • Online reviews are a top influencer for purchase decisions
  • Build a quantity network
    • Professional networks are different from social networks
    • Quantity vs. quality (mostly)
    • Rule of 3: expand by 3 per day
  • Expand expertise
    • Your network is interested in you, give them something of interest
    • Become a valued resource
    • Engage others who are experts and introduce them to your network
  • Educate and inform, but don't sell
    • Teach people something new
    • Inform people on what is happening that matter to them
    • Enable access to purchase, but don't press to purchase
  • Frequency matters
    • Develop a daily social media routine (post, connect, engage)
    • Small doses daily is the way

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