How you can make these refreshing Coffee Q drinks at home

These flavorful drinks are perfect to beat the summer heat

HOUSTON – Julio Arevalo, barista and co-owner of the popular food truck, Coffee Q, stopped by KPRC today to show us two refreshing drinks to enjoy during a hot summer day to change up the coffee routine.

Coffee Q is all around Houston serving these great drinks and so much more, but if you want to try them at home, see the recipes below.

Iced Black Mint tea Latte

•    Black Mint Tea: Mix a blend of teas: 5 spoons of black tea to 2 scoops of mint tea. Use two of the tea bags.
•    Boil water in a kettle. Once it is boiling, fill tea pitcher halfway and add 2 tea bags and water to the container.
•    Steep for 4 minutes.
•    Take the tea bags out and add cold water to the top.
•    For a fun twist: add a little vanilla and cinnamon with a splash of unsweet almond milk.

Topo Lemonade   
•    Squeeze 10-15 fresh limes in a container and strain out the pulp.
•    To make the simple syrup, use sugar and water. Add 1/2 cup of granulated sugar and 1/2 cup of water. Boil and mix with medium heat in a saucepan.
•    Strain into a jar and seal (This simple syrup is good for four weeks refrigerated).
•    Add 10 tablespoons of sugar to the lemonade. (Keep refrigerated)
•    Mix half lemonade and half Topo Chico and add ice.
•    For a healthy twist, add chia seeds and let it sit for two hours.

Recipes provided by Julio Arevalo.