Houston fashion expert shares 3 ways to take your maxi dress from day to night

Versatile looks to help stretch your wardrobe


HOUSTON – If you want to step up your style game this summer, making sure you have the right accessories is critical.  You can take your look from day to night with a few simple swaps, and a maxi dress can provide the canvas you need to make it happen.  

Stylist and owner of Shop with Val, Valerie Halfon helps Houstonians create wardrobes that work best for their lifestyle.  If you're looking for a versatile piece to add to your closet, a maxi dress is the way to go.  

Maxi dresses are a really great option because they are so easy to transition from day to night, or from work to weekend," said Halfon.


THE SITUATION:  You are out all day with your friends, first a brunch and then shopping and a movie. You need a quick way to take your look up a notch for a wedding that evening.   

WHAT TO WEAR: Transition the look by swapping the denim jacket for a shawl, the crossbody bag for a clutch and the flat sandals for a pair of pumps.

WHAT TO BUY: Floral Ruffle Wrap Maxi Dress, $109



THE SITUATION: The boss asks you to stay late at work, but you have dinner with an old friend planned for the evening.  If you go home you will get stuck in traffic.  

WHAT TO WEAR: Transition the look by ditching the moto jacket and adding statement jewelry.

WHAT TO BUY: Soft Ponte Maxi Dress, $119



THE SITUATION: It's a casual Saturday, and you get a message from an old flame asking you to go to dinner. You only have an hour to get to your destination.  

WHAT TO WEAR: Transition the look by swapping the utility jacket for a blazer, adding a leather belt, a clutch and a pair of pumps.

WHAT TO BUY: Pleated Maxi Dress, $139


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