Amazing Animal Tale: Talulah

Houston SPCA rescues a one-year-old stray with a wounded paw

HOUSTONThe Houston SPCA’s 24-hour animal ambulance responds to nearly 7,000 calls for help each year. 

Last month, their ambulance rescued a one-year-old stray with a wounded paw. 

But as it turns out, there was something much more sinister about the dog’s injury. 

Someone had intentionally zip-tied her left paw and after time, it became imbedded under the tissue near her bone, causing an infection, bleeding and a lot of pain. 

To make her comfortable, Houston SPCA veterinarian Dr. Dev sedated her, before the zip tie was carefully removed. 

The wound is already looking better, but she will need some additional time to heal. 

This sweet, once neglected stray, is now Talulah, and will no doubt find a compassionate, kind and loving home in the near future.

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