The Shakiba Report: 5 tips to maximize value when selling a business

Tackling small business month with 5 important tips to keep in mind


HOUSTON – If you've built a small business and are now thinking of selling it, private wealth advisor with Ameriprise Financial, Trevor Shakiba, along with Gary Cooper with Exit Advisors, share 5 tips to maximize its value. 

So be prepared, that kind of sounds like it goes without saying, right? But, you'd be surprised. Entrepreneurs, they have a great idea, they go for it, 5 years down the road, 10 years down the road, they're just working working, and they forget about how they're going to exit their business," said Shakiba.


  • Be prepared
    • Have a plan and know your business
    • What steps are necessary to create your plan and who is involved
    • Identify your number
  • Clean up your financial statements
    • You must have clean financial records before you even think about selling
    • Remove all skeletons from the closet
    • Don’t give the buyer reasons to try and reduce the purchase price
  • Do a business valuation well in advance
    • Business valuation creates a roadmap which can mitigate risk
    • Allows business owner to start working on the company instead of just in it
    • Make sure the analyst is credentialed
    • Helps avoid the dreaded fire sale
  • Hire an investment banker and let them do their job
    • The most important advisor and team leader
    • Pitch deck is critical, it must present the business well
    • Pay attention to market timing
  • Hire your team and then listen
    • You must have 3 key members:
      • Investment banker
      • CPA
      • Attorney
    • All team members need to be on the same page working for a unified goal
    • Maximize value and achieve a win/win

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