'If you like your car, lock it': Gary P. Nunn spreads awareness about auto thefts

Country legend is part of a new campaign to prevent auto thefts in Texas.

HOUSTON – In Texas, keys left inside and doors unlocked are major factors in stolen and burglarized vehicles.

That’s why singer and songwriter Gary P Nunn wants you to lock your car.

He is part of a new statewide auto theft campaign with the Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority to keep people from leaving their keys in their cars.

“We are just going around trying to spread this idea that there are so many simple things people can do that would make it tougher for the bad guys to exploit the situation and it goes down to the simple slogan: If you like your car, lock it,” said Nunn, who explained why he is spreading awareness on this topic.

He’s been a victim of auto burglary twice in the past. The last incident happened  while he was grabbing lunch at a restaurant.

“It was a smash-and-grab right here in Houston.  A guy smashed my car. It was on film but you couldn’t identify him,” said Nunn.

According to Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, over 65,000 cars and trucks are stolen and almost 200,000 are burglarized in the state each year.

Since all vehicles are a potential target of theft, all car owners must be alert.

“The biggest thing that they can do, easily is taking your keys with you, locking your car. I mean, that would prevent a third of them at least,” said Sgt. Tracy Hicks, from the Houston Police Department.

To see more tips on how to protect your vehicle, watch the video above.

For more information, you can all (800) CAR-WATCH (800 227-92-82) or visit their website txwatchyourcar.com

Sponsored by: Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority