Former Houston Oiler hits the big stage

Eddie George talks football and Broadway

HOUSTON – He's an NFL legend, former Houston Oiler, Heisman Trophy winner, actor and the list goes on. 
Eddie George shares his journey from the field to being under the bright lights on stage. 

I pinch myself all of the time. The journey started 15 years ago when I stopped playing ball, I was getting opportunities to audition for various roles, to say the least things were going well. I had to learn how to become an actor, so I started off with an acting coach, I started working with her relentlessly 3 days a week... in short I started doing plays in the community of Nashvilled and I got the opportunity to audition for the role of 'Billy Flint' to go on Broadway in 2016," said George.

Broadway's Tony Award-Winning  "CHICAGO" musical starts tonight and runs through Sunday at Jones Hall for the Performing Arts. Tickets start at $35. Use promo code "HOULIFE" for 25% off all shows except Saturday night. 

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