Plan your next vacation to Moody Gardens

The one destination that will entertain the whole family

HOUSTON – School is out and summer is here!

If you're still trying to figure out where to go this summer, why not plan a day trip to Moody Gardens?

Moody Gardens is a unique, family-friendly venue where visitors of all ages, including adults, can have a fun and educational experience.

Moody Gardens marketing director Jerri Hamachek recently stopped by to share some of the fun events happening this summer.

“We’ve got some events going on for World Oceans Day that we are inviting everybody out for next weekend. We kick it off Friday night with a film screening with the film called 'A Plastic Ocean,' we are going to have a Q and A, panel discussion there and a reception going on that evening, and you can learn a little bit more about that, and then we also have a Go Dive Now pool, so we have some fun there. If you were wondering what scuba diving might be like, you can come to Moody Gardens next weekend and get in the pool,” said Hamachek.

The fun doesn’t stop there, because penguin yoga is now a thing.

“You can do yoga in the aquarium pyramid with penguins. They are going to be around you,” said Hamachek, who encourages everybody to be a reefer to help Moody Gardens protect coral reefs.

“There are thing that you can do in your everyday life starting with skipping the plastic straw on a drink and maybe using some reef-safe sunscreen, you know, taking some extra steps to help with conservation and protect our oceans, ” said Hamachek.

To learn more about Moody Gardens and plan your next trip, visit their website at Moodygardens.com.

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