5 best full body workouts

Go into beast mode with these extreme exercises

HOUSTON – If your normal workouts are a getting a little boring, here are 5 full body workouts that will take things to the next level.

Houston Life's Lauren Kelly met up with personal trainer Michael Sullivan to feel the burn.

Michael showed Lauren these 5 exercises that work out multiple muscles in the body.

1) Box jumps- builds your upper and lower body muscles, especially in the legs. 

2) Battle ropes- Abs, back, glutes and upper body are all targeted, also great for cardio.  

3) Sledgehammer and Tire- full body, plus grip and forearm strength. Plus, it's great for taking out your daily frustrations.

4) Weighted sled push/pull with harness- build explosive power and speed, especially in lower body.

5) Weight sled push/pull- Like the above exercise, but without the cool harness.

Check out the action in the video above. If you want your own full body workout, check out Michael Sullivan Personal Training.