Shawn Sounds talks life and music after 'The Voice'

The business-education teacher represented Houston on season 16 of 'The Voice'

HOUSTON – Life has changed for Shawn Sounds. The singer just returned to Houston after the end of season 16 of "The Voice”. He was eliminated one week before the finale, but his talent won accolades from the judges and his fellow contestants.

“It’s literally beyond me that I went so far in this competition and that I was as successful as I was,” said Sounds, who stopped by our studio to chat about his great run in one of the most-watched shows in the country.

“I went in with the highest of expectations to win, but at the same time it’s a competition and only one person can win. I didn’t think that I was going to be that person, but I got close and I’m just grateful for that,” said Sound, who is known affectionately as “the singing teacher,” because of his day job as a middle school teacher in Aldine Independent School District.

His students, who know him as Mr. Taylor, are extremely proud of him.

“I have kids that I have taught over the last 13 years, some of which are current students of mine, and some are adults now, and I’ve been singing in front of these kids for so long. And for them it is such a dream come true, as well, because they know how much I want to do music for a living. It’s my passion. It’s my purpose. For them to see me on TV now is almost for them an affirmation that ‘I, too, can fulfill my dreams and go after my goals,” said the 33-year-old singer, who was part of Team Legend.

To see his complete interview, watch the video above.