Long-distance running: 5 tips to get you started

How to prepare your body safely and effectively for long-distance running

HOUSTON – From the right gear to how to stretch correctly, there is a lot of things you should know before heading out to train for a 5k or a marathon.

Dr. Jaime Aparicio, sports physical therapist at the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute and medical director for Trail Racing over Texas, stopped by our studio with important tips to help you become a distance runner starting with replacing your shoes as you start the training period.

“The shoes are not going to last you through the whole training cycle. Also, pavement is really hot and the shoes need to be replaced more and more often. A general rule of thumb is about 300 to 600 miles or so,” said Aparicio, who also recommends that you set a goal and share it with others for accountability.

In terms of consistency, he suggests running three to four days a week.

“At first you want to go by time and then slowly get into the miles,” said Aparicio, who cautioned against overdoing.

“If you have a friend with you, can you hold that conversation? If you start getting out of breath and you no longer can hold the conversation, you are probably doing too much."

And if you decide to train when summer starts, Aparicio also shared tips for running safely in the heat.

“As the heat approaches, our bodies aren’t going to be very efficient as we were in the winter, because our bodies are going to be using that blood to cool our bodies instead of feed that muscle,” said Aparicio, who also explained the time it takes to adapt to warmer temperature.

“It takes about 14 days to get that adaptation and that’s with consistent running in the heat,” he said.

To see all his running tips, watch the videos above.

If you want a free guide to train for the Chevron Houston Marathon, you can click here.