Pass the pepper, please! Pepper Twins brings authentic Sichuan food to Houston

Learn more about the pepper and its influence on food from Sichuan, China

HOUSTON – If you're looking for authentic, flavorful Chinese cuisine, look no further than Pepper Twins. 

With six locations around Houston, you may be familiar with the name, but if you've visited, you know it for the delicious foods. 

"Our food is very special," said owner Yuan Yang. "It's very spicy." 

Yang said there are three important ingredients in all their dishes.

Those three include red oil, fresh peppercorn and dried peppercorn. 

"Peppercorn is very good for the health of skin and joints," said Yang. 

Yang takes pride in quality, importing peppercorn directly from her hometown of Sichuan, China.

See some of their menu items come to life in the video above, or find more information by visiting their website.


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