Eyewear trends to update your look

Keep an eye on the latest trends you can find at Cassidy Optical

HOUSTON – Whether you need them for reading, to protect you from the sun or just to complement your look, eyeglasses are the perfect accessories to update your style. But with so many glasses to choose from, you might need a little guidance in choosing the right color or  frame.

“We frame-style you, so it’s your personality. We like to get a little bit of time to get to know you and what you do and what you do for a living,” said Kim Fleeman, president of Cassidy Optical, an optical boutique located in the River Oaks district that’s been around 70 years. She stopped by our studio to show us the latest trends in eyewear.

If you like color, white and red are trendy options to keep an eye on, but colorless frames are very popular right now.

“The crystal carried over from last year and it’s still really strong, they brought in the flesh tones, the champagnes, and the pink blush,” said Fleeman about glasses, with or without prescription.

“Cat-eye is really strong. That’s one of those that’s a real strong look, has a lot of attitude. The marbled look is one of the top trends also right now,” said Fleeman about the frames that offer a timeless bold and fun look.

All trends aside, Fleeman believes you should wear the glasses that you love.

“It’s your personality, you wear round glasses because you want to,” she said, before inviting people to Cassidy Optical.

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