Autistic woman creates costumes for Theatre Under The Stars

"We're just like everybody else."

HOUSTONEvery night as the curtain rises at Theatre Under the Stars in downtown Houston, audiences are dazzled by some of the best talent in the country.

It takes a small army to bring theater productions to life, with evey person playing their own special part to make that happen.

One of those people is costume designer Rachel Moran.

Diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, Moran has worked hard her entire life to break through barriers. 

"We're just like everybody else," said Moran. "We want a career, we want to be understood. Everybody wants to fit in, so embrace everybody no matter who they are. Just don't judge, based on what you see. No matter what the disability. "


Houston Life's Derrick Shore talks to Moran and her team at Theatre Under the Stars in the video above. You can learn more about Theatre Under the Stars by clicking here.