Giving artisans with autism a chance to shine

Aspire Accessories creates fashion-forward employment for autistic young adults

HOUSTON – When Denise Hazen first realized her son Nick had autism, she wondered what he would do for employment when grew up.

In perhaps the ultimate "power mom" move, Denise founded Aspire Accessories, a business where Nick and 25 other young adults with autism can find paying, meaningful work.

Aspire Accessories trains autistic young adults to craft fashionable jewelry, bags, and other accessories.

"I started this because I wanted my son to have purpose, and what he got is a community. So that's what I love. They're all here, they're working together and they love each other. It really is a happy environment." said Hazen

Houston Life's Courtney Zavala got a tour of Aspire Accessories and talked to some of the amazing artisans in the video above.

You can find more information about Aspire Accessories by clicking here.