How to beat spring allergies

Simple and natural tricks to tame the body's allergic responses.

HOUSTON – Allergies are bad folks, especially here in Houston, and unfortunately, many people suffer as soon as pollen season starts.  

“Houston was recently ranked number 5 on a list of hundreds of cities across North America with worst allergies,” said natural health expert Bryce Wylde, who stopped by our studio to explain why we should focus on the immune system at large in order to stop feeling miserable when allergies attack.

“In my clinical practice I take a special focus in the immune modulation or immune balancing. That’s the key when we are talking about allergies. Allergies are an over response of a confused immune system and actually start very early on in life,” said Wylde, who also suggested that a common misconception is that allergens are only encountered outdoors.

To see all ways to cut your exposure to allergens, see the video above.