What's in your mattress? Texas Mattress Makers explains

Learning more about what's inside your mattress could help you get better sleep

HOUSTON – Your mattress is more than what meets the eye, and learning more about what's inside may help you get the best sleep you've ever had.

Youval Meicler, owner of Texas Mattress Makers says each mattress has two main components - the support layer (bottom) and the comfort layer (top).

"You have to buy a bed that fits your body and your comfort level," said Meicler. "Comfort level is so personal that you can't even describe it. You have to feel it." 

Texas Mattress Makers offers several options to customize those two components to fit your needs.

For more information, you can watch the video above, call (713) 341-6252 or visit their website TexasMattressMakers.com.


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