RECIPES: Whiskey cocktails

A local take on a classic Manhattan and a whiskey margarita inspired by Selena

HOUSTON – If you haven’t been introduced to whiskey or you only drink whiskey on the rocks, you might be missing out because, for many folks whiskey is the king of cocktails.

And if you love shopping and consuming local products, Houston has great micro-distilleries making spirits from grain to glass, including Yellow Rose Distilling, the first legal whiskey distillery in town.

Houston Farris, who is Yello Rose's head distiller and mixologist, stopped by our studio to share two cocktail recipes you can do at home to get you started and gave us great tips to make them like a pro.

“When you stir, try to be smooth. Sloshing your drink adds air. Smooth stirs make smooth cocktails,” said Farris, who also recommended what to do when you garnish your whiskey cocktail with mint or orange peel.

“Always smack your mint when garnishing. It wakes up the aromatics and you’ll breathe in the mint with every sip. Also, flaming the oils in the orange peel excite the aromas and caramelize the flavors, make it more robust, get some smokiness,” he suggested.

To watch the complete interview, you can watch the video above.


One for the Republic

•    2 ounces Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon
•    Three-quarters ounce sweet vermouth
•    Dash Peychaud’s Bitters
•    Dash Angostura Bitters

•    Stir on ice in mixing glass. Strain over a large cube in a rocks glass and then garnish with lemon twist, expressed.


Amor Prohibido

•    2 ounces Yellow Rose Blended
•    1.5 ounces simple syrup
•    1 ounce fresh lemon juice
•    1/2 fresh jalapeno, sliced
•    6 mint leaves

•    Shake on ice. Double strain over ice in a rocks glass and then garnish with mint sprig and jalapeño slices.

Recipes provided by: Houston Farris.