Heights High School has an "art car" teacher??

Local students gear up for the 32nd Annual Houston Art Car Parade

HOUSTON – Rebecca Bass might be the only person in the world with the title "Art Car Teacher." 

She's been in an HISD classroom since 1990, and has built over 30 art cars with her students for Houston's annual Art Car Parade. 

"I'm real proud of my students. Every year they outdo themselves. They come here and they work hard, weekends, spring break, after school." Bass said.

Many of Ms. Bass' art cars have a musical theme. Over the years they've paid tribute to Prince, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and George Clinton.

This year her students paid homage to Texas guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughn, complete with a life sized guitar-welding replica of Stevie Ray on top of the car.  

"When they finish it they've got this huge sense of pride, and they feel so important. All of a sudden they realize that they matter, and they can do something wonderful with trash." said Bass

Their car is one of 250 entries in the 32nd Annual Houston Art Car Parade this weekend.

You can find more details about this weekend's festivities at thehoustonartcarparade.com