Amazing Animal Tale: Sushi

Animal ambulance rescues a pet with multiple wounds all over their body

HOUSTON – Most of the time, when the Houston SPCA’s 24-hour injured animal ambulance rescues a pet with multiple small wounds all over their body, it’s the result of a dog attack.

With Sushi, however, the story proved to be much more sinister.

The nine-week-old puppy was found bleeding from his ear, chest, and legs.

His little heart was pounding and he was hypothermic, so the Houston SPCA’s veterinarians rushed to stabilize him.

When they were finally able to sedate him and explore his injuries, they discovered that the big puppy had been stabbed more than 15 times.

Four of his ribs were fractured and his bones were chipped where the blade had made contact.

Amazingly, once his wounds and fractures were surgically repaired, Sushi made an incredible recovery! He was playful, wagging and jumping up for kisses after only a week.

The gregarious guy was made available to adopt after being given a clean bill of health, and it took just one day for Sushi to find a loving home.

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This article is sponsored by the Houston SPCA.