Cue the curtain! What it's like back stage at the Houston Ballet

Stage manager shares what's happening in the wings during a production

HOUSTON – A Houston Ballet production consists of much more than what you see on stage.

In fact, there's sometimes just as much action happening in the wings.

"There are all kinds of things that happen back stage that the audience never knows about," said Stage Manager and Assistant Production Manager Vanessa Chumbley. 

Chumbley is responsible for making sure the vision of a show's choreographers and designers happens seamlessly on stage.

"I'm back stage on a head set with all of our crew and I call all of the cues for everything you see that happens on stage... It's super low-key," said Chumbley with a laugh. 

The Houston Ballet is preparing for "Premieres," which consists of three performances: "Come In," "Dream Time," and "Reflections."

The show debuts on March 21 and runs until March 24.

You can find more information or purchase tickets by calling (713) 227-ARTS or visiting their website.


This article is sponsored by The Houston Ballet. 

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