Amazing Animal Tale: Fish

Sick foster pet finds a home

HOUSTON – A few weeks ago, the Houston SPCA brought Pony Boy to the show as our featured pet of the week.

This week we’re talking about his sister, Fish.

Fish was one of the smaller puppies in the litter of nine, and she needed a little extra care.

After it became clear she wasn’t thriving, she was separated from her siblings and placed in an incubator to keep her warm while she was given fluids.

Since she looked like a puppy in an aquarium, she earned the name Fish.

It turns out she and some of her littermates had a bacterial infection that causes pneumonia, so it’s no wonder she wasn’t feeling well.

Fish spent several weeks in a loving foster home with a Houston SPCA vet tech where she grew big and strong.

She was finally reintroduced to her siblings and was adopted the very first day she became available.

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This article is sponsored by the Houston SPCA.