Amazing Animal Tale: Melanie

Houston SPCA's 24-hour rescue saves hundreds of animals

HOUSTON – Whether it’s the recent rainy weather or just an unfortunate coincidence, the Houston SPCA’s 24-hour rescue ambulance has been saving a lot of animals from drainage pipes recently!

The latest beneficiary of this important service was Melanie, a tiny little six-week-old kitten.

The rescue technician had set a humane trap for Melanie, but overnight she fell even further down into the drain.

The next morning, another technician spent about 30 minutes with a wildlife net on a long pole before she finally retrieved little Melanie and brought her to safety.

Kittens and puppies have to be at least eight weeks old before they can be adopted, so the affectionate calico will spend a few weeks in a loving foster home while she grows a little bigger.

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This article is sponsored by the Houston SPCA.