How to get a six pack before swimsuit season

Get beach body ready at home with these quick exercises

HOUSTON – Swimsuit suit season is near. A time when many folks might be looking to lose a few pounds, get rid of stomach fat and get fit to show off their abs on the beach.

That’s why Shane O’Connor, personal training team development manager at Life Time Cypress, stopped by our studio to show us great exercises to work on a six pack and remind us to be careful with what we eat.

“Abs are made in the kitchen. A couple of main tips is, No. 1, we want to limit the amount of process food that we are taking in. No. 2, we want to increase the vegetable intake overall. If it’s raw vegetables, about a fist of a cup. If it’s cooked, it would be half a fist or half a cup. And then, from there, what we want to do is increase our protein intake, and limit or avoid sugar to about 25 grams or less per day,” said O’ Connor.

To get that bikini body ready, it’s also important to keep in mind how often we eat.

“You want to be eating between every two and a half and three and a half hours, depending on your body type,” O’Connor recommends.

But for those with busy lives who have trouble eating six times a day he recommends starting simple.

“Bare minimum. Three whole meals and snack a day. Start there and build out,” he said.

To see all the exercises, watch video above.