Houston's own b-boy Moy Rivas takes breakdancing to new heights

From the streets to the Olympics, how this sport could change the game

HOUSTON – Breakdancing is more than just a hobby for Moy Rivas, it's his passion.

With over 20 years of professional dance experience, he's traveled around the world performing, teaching and now inspiring the next generation of b-boys and b-girls. 

Rivas supports the movement to bring breakdancing to the Olympics.

"Currently, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is in the process of moving breaking into the summer Olympics in Paris 2024, so this is a positive step moving forward for our community and culture," Rivas said. 

He also founded Break Free Hip Hop School in 2011 to share his love of breaking with the youth of Houston.

To learn more about Break Free Hip Hop School, visit www.breakfreehouston.com.