Add flair to your rodeo look

See what to wear to Rodeo Houston to look like a total fashionista

HOUSTON – Even though we all have rodeo gear, we don’t necessarily want to wear the same stuff over and over again. That’s why Angela Ceballos, director of retail at The Post Oak Hotel, stopped by our studio with great outfits and accessories to look your best during Rodeo Houston and make you look a little bit different.

“Turn something that you would think is for indoors only, and turn it into everyday fashion,” said Ceballos, who suggests wearing looks that are both stylish and comfortable, but always western-inspired.

“It is rodeo, so we have to keep it a little country,” she suggested, even when you dare to be a little bit edgier and unexpected.

“The model is wearing a leather bustier on top of a framed linen stripped down blouse, and we did tie one of our Karen Mabon silk scarves around the handles to add a little extra fun and our Miron Crosby Paty boots,” said Ceballos, who also explained the scarf with rodeo-inspired print was designed to capture the Texas story and rodeo traditions --and you can get it exclusively at 29 North.

To see all the looks, see the video above.