3 ways to lower your energy costs

How your heating and cooling system can help you save money on your energy bill

HOUSTON – According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home can represent as much as 44% of your utility bill. But there are ways to control these costs.

“A lot of it has to do with the selection of the equipment you are going to be purchasing,” said Marcelo Imana, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialist from Airteam Heating & Cooling, a company that offers heating and air-conditioning installation services and has been serving Houston for 31 years.

He explained why it is time for you to upgrade your HVAC system and how important that is for lowering energy costs.

“The newer technology equipment, such as two-stage or multistage capacity equipment, will run longer hours with parts that use less power, less electricity, so they maintain a more constant temperature. They do a better job in pulling humidity from the air, so it feels more comfortable,” said Imana, who also pointed out how newer technology also helps with our Houston climate.

“We have long, hot and humid summers here, so there is a lot of advantages to having either a two-stage or multistage capacity equipment.”

Maintenance is also an important factor in saving money on your energy bill, especially when you use frequently the air-conditioning unit.

“It’s like with any machine, like a vehicle, for example. You got to take it in and get it checked out every now and then. We have what we call a preventive maintenance agreement and what that gives you is two visits per year: one during the spring, more geared towards cooling, and one in fall that is going to be more geared towards the heating, and have a trained technician take a look at your system, give it a 30-point inspection, look how the system is running, what can be done to improve and anything that needs to be adjusted at that time before it has a major failure,” said Imana, who also suggested when it’s a good time to upgrade your HVAC system.

“Between 10 and 15 years is when you see major breakdowns happen, even if you have been maintaining your system. Once you get to that point and you get that major repair done, you have to start thinking about replacement,” he said.

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