Reduce the appearance of under eye bags and wrinkles with one product

The solution to those pesky signs of aging on the face

HOUSTON – Wrinkles, forehead lines and under eye bags can take a toll on your appearance. 

Amy Vanderoef, lifestyle expert, explains how Plexaderm promises to help you reduce those pesky signs of aging in just a matter of minutes. 

The main ingredient is naturally derived from shale rock, and is know to visibly tighten and smooth the surface of the your skin.

"In just two minutes, the results are so dramatic. Wait the full ten minutes because you want this product to set and last throughout the whole day," Vanderoef said. 

Plexaderm is offering up to 50% off and free shipping to Houston Life viewers. 

Call 1-800-923-7063 or visit www.plexaderm.com to get in on this special offer.

This article is sponsored by Sheer Science.