Valentine's Day tablescapes

Dress up your table with love and impress your guests this Valentine's Day.

HOUSTON – Do you have guests at home during Valentine’s Day? Well, you sure want to spread the love to your table decor with creative table setting ideas. And interior designer Rainey Richardson stopped by our studio with great tablescapes ideas to inspire you to achieve a charming dinner with your loved ones.

If you are preparing a romantic dinner for you and your significant other, Richardson suggests an intimate sushi takeout dinner at home, but with some added some romantic touches.

“For a napkin, we just took a regular white napkin and put X’s & O’s on it with a sharpie marker. We ordered fortune cookies from Etsy. You can get your own fortunes made and put inside of it, if you are planning to propose or ask somebody to be your forever,” recommends Richardson.

If your plans are a Galantine’s celebration, Richardson recommends using pink and gold to achieve a fun girly theme for brunch or lunch with your friends.

“We took a corsage and we wrapped it around a standard white napkin and that added a special touch to this place setting,” said Richardson.

For a family Valentine’s Day, include the kids at the table setting --  get some affordable decorations from the dollar store and make it special.

“You can get doilies, pipe cleaners and make your own little napkin rings and little plates,” Richardon said. “And we just put some M&M’s in this glass and some popcorn in a container and there you have it."

For more ideas and to see the full interview, watch the video above.