Rob the Original makes portrait of Derrick and Courtney using salt

Rob the Original, man of many talents, gives us taste of his salt art

HOUSTON – Rob Ferrel, better known as Rob the Original, gained national attention for his impressive haircuts of celebrities, but his passion for drawing has made him take his creativity to other mediums.

“In 2006, that’s when I started doing portraits in people’s hair, and from there, with social media, when it came about, I was able to display my artwork in social media. Once I started getting recognized for, then I wanted people to not see me only as a barber, but I wanted people to know that I was an artist,” said Ferrel.

Nowadays, his portfolio has expanded, and he can make art out of almost anything.

“Barbering was one of my art mediums, but now I started doing art with other things like dusty windows on cars. I started using, like, pizzas, food. Still, up to this day, I’m thinking of new ideas to do,” he said.

The San Antonio native is currently getting more and more attention for his incredible salt paintings. He even did a portrait of our co-hosts, Derrick Shore and Courtney Zavala.

To see the final result, see the video above.