Famous artist and barber Rob the Original gives Derrick a haircut.

We may be biased, but we definitely think it's Rob's best haircut yet!

HOUSTON – Rob Ferrel, better known as Rob the Original, has made a name for himself by creating groundbreaking haircuts and lifelike designs. From celebrity portraits to a recreation of the Last Supper, his designs leave everyone in awe of his talent.

“A lot of times, to make it easier on me, I like to look at images,” said Ferrel, who stopped by our studio to show us one of his easy food art techniques, with a very special subject, our little dog, Tex.

“You know how your parents tell you not to play with your food? Well, today we are allowed to play with our food,” said Ferrel, who creates incredible food art in mediums like tortillas, salsa, ketchup, Oreos or limes.

But first, he made sure to give our own co-host Derrick Shore a haircut -- with the Houston Life logo design.

To see the haircut, and how Ferrel makes art with food, watch the video above.