Setting a financial goal for 2019

Make getting your finances on track a priority for the New Year


HOUSTON – When it comes to resolutions, saving money is always a top priority for people in the New Year.

Trevor Shakiba, private wealth advisor with Ameriprise Financial, shares some advice to help you reach your financial goals for 2019 and beyond. 

It all starts with developing a plan and being specific with your goals.

You are more likely to achieve your financial goals if you write them down, assign a time frame and an amount to them. 

"It's really just taking those little steps, doing that consistently to achieve those big financial goals, like retirement or education for the kids," Shakiba explained.

Shakiba also suggests the best investment you can make is increasing your savings percentage. 

The 401k and 403b maximum amounts are now $19K with a $6K catch-up contribution.

IRAs are now $6K with a $1K catch-up contribution.

His biggest advice is to develop a budget and stick to it!

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