Derrick & Courtney caught on tape playing 'Caught on Tape'

Houston Life hosts play game producers found in grocery store clearance section

HOUSTON – Houston Life hosts Derrick Shore and Courtney Zavala found themselves in a sticky situation when producers found a game called 'Caught on Tape' in a grocery store's clearance section. 

The rules of the game go as follows, according to Hasboro's website:

Pull a piece of tape to spin the randomizer, which will combine two words into a unique category for the round. Players then take turns, quickly shouting out terms that fit within that category. The challenge might be to name irritating celebrities, or embarrassing hobbies, but if players draw a blank or take too long to answer, their opponents get to place a piece of tape on their face! 

Watch Derrick & Courtney try the game in the video above, and find more information on Hasboro's website

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